Jim Donovan


Hey, if you are seeking information about Jim Donovan — in the New England area – a technology professional in enterprise software environments, for development, operations (lately, known as DevOps) education, and/or workflow tools — you are in the right place. Here are a few items about me which you may like to know. Somewhat like a “list of 25 things” in Facebook – this is my mini-bio summary:

I grew up in Vermont, in a small town just outside of Barre; I attended the University of Vermont, UVM – where my graduating class in Computer Science was 26 people; we all knew each other pretty well. I interviewed with Hewlett Packard and got an ideal job right out of school. I moved to Colorado Springs and enjoyed the view of the Rockies every day for the first four years of my career. My wife is also a UVM’er and we met as undergraduates in Computer Science. UVM sends Valentine’s Day cards to couples who met at school. Isn’t that nice!?!

My siblings all live in Vermont. Although Diane and I and the kids had moved a bit, we raised the kids in the suburbs of Boston. We’d visit Vermont regularly, and then when the kids graduated college we decided to move back to the green mountains. While living in Boston I started doing yoga regularly which keeps me centered. A yoga retreat every once in a while is a very good thing. We also enjoy traveling and other expeditions to keep life interesting. Of course, hanging out at home can be rejuvenating as well.

A few other points I have learned on my life journey:

  1. Solving engineering problems gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride. But, working with people to collectively solve problems is even better.
  2. Especially rewarding is being recognized as the “go-to guy” in software development tools, for Agile/SCRUM software processes, and also with embedded systems; that’s what I’m good at.
  3. The community around me is as important as my job and career.
  4. My family is a top priority – that’s what really matters, and it’s the reason for all the other priorities.
  5. As social beings it makes sense to use web based communication which provides an immediate and instinctive positive experience. (see the various links at right)
  6. I like gadgets. Here’s a bunch of gadgets which have a processor built into them which really fascinate me:
    1. GPS, Navigation Systems – it makes sense that this technology has become ubiquitous.
    2. Cellular Networked Devices – cell phones, but even more so: iPhone, Android, or any 3G and LTE networked device – and, the applications which run on those devices.
    3. An Amazon Kindle – especially the fact that I use it exclusively for reading.
    4. Palm – even though it has become obsolete, I think the Palm and the original ELF strokes (for entering text into apps) were great. It changed the way we think of personal devices.
  7. My personal interests and hobbies include travelling, yoga, theatre, music, walking, hiking, skiing, local history, Habitat for Humanity, and Red Cross Blood Donation.

If you still want to know more... please explore the links to the left and right. Or, better yet, contact me.

Jim's Interests

  1. Habitat for Humanity
  2. Donate Blood!
  3. Yoga Mountain Center
  4. Yoga Mandala
  5. Good Reads
  6. Pinterest
  7. Tom Tom Navigaton
  8. iPhone